lulworth cot bed instructions Lulworth cot bed instructions

Considered all the usual alternatives, Outwell, Royal, Vango, Sunncamp etc. We choose the Kampa because it looked very good value for money. Certainly the tent has lots of good features and is a decent size too. Unfortunately, the build quality just wasn't up to expectations. The entire perimeter seam where the groundsheet is stitched into the flysheet was not taped and leaked terribly.

Also the seams at the tops of the side windows leaked badly where the mosquito mesh is the wrong side of the seam tape. Finally all 4 corner pockets for the stability poles leaked badly too. We also had some minor problems with pole clips becoming unstitched and guy rope cords unwinding. Luckily the store I purchased it from gave me a full refund so I brought an Outwell Montana 6 instead.

I have been told that the newer Kampa models are much better but I didn't want to take the risk again.

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  • This tent was one of the few I found on the market that met our requirements. Large living area for the not-so good days and nights 2. At 6'3 I can stand in all areas of the tent with no neck breaking. The Lulworth as with many of the Kampa range have a Zipped bedroom divider which mean we could have a 6 berth bedroom. Budget, like most we are feeling the pinch a bit this year and this ten hit the spot. The Lulworth has a massive porch and 4 side windows and side doors plus 2 big windows at the front.

    All have zippable flysheet sections. It is light and spacious with great head height in the inners also. The bedrooms are also very light, not so good if you want to sleep past sunrise. It is easier to erect if you put up a middle pole first open the doors to let the air in , rather than following Kampa's instructions. The canopy at the front is great for cooking, sheltering from sun or rain or just watching the world go by. The two side doors and two windows can be open, mesh, clear or curtained to suit the weather or time of day.

    The front windows also have curtains. The only enhancement would be if the front door also had a window or ventilation. The bedroom inner was also lacking a toggle to clip to the rear of the tent, I have made my own, photo uploaded above. Overall our tent is perhaps a little large for 2 and the Poppy dog, but it beats crawling around on our knees! Having reviewed the layout and design of many tents and looked at the various costs, the Lulworth 6 seemed to be the best value for money for our requirements.

    The sleeping compartment can be divided into 2x4 but we have it as one large area so the children are in with us. This is ample for the 4 of us, allowing us to put up a camp cot, double airbed and childrens readybed and still have plenty of room to spare.

    The storage pockets in the living area are extremly handy and the higher ones are great for keeping things out of reach of the little ones. The doors each side plus front door give plenty of options to suit user and location.

    Personally we use the large front door and keep the side ones shut helps cage the children! We have the fitted carpet too and have found this a worthwhile buy. The tent is easy to erect, taking about minutes between 2 adults. The only defect that we have found so far is one of the toggles attaching the sleep pod is missing causing a slight droop in the material, we haven't bothered doing anything about this though as this doesn't seem to affect it's usability.

    My wife is claustrophobic so we wanted a large airy tent and came up with a short list of popular makes.

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  • However, we spotted the Lulworth at a new camping outlet in Blackpool and immediately fell in love with it. We also purchased the footprint and the carpet for a bit of luxury.

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    We know a test run is highly recommended but we had neither the space or the opportunity so two nights at Eskdale Camping site became the test run. Prior to our visit Eskdale had undergone 12 solid hours of rain so the pitch was very wet in places. It took us 2 hours to pitch the tent and probably kept other campers well amused with our impromptu cabaret. The first problem occurred when one of the roof poles snapped can't believe I'm that strong , so we had to do without the porch which meant re-positioning the three front guys.

    Next one of the secondary guys came completely away from its anchor point the fabric loop had frayed so I had to tie the guy around the upright pole. However, once up and everything in place the Lulworth was well worth the effort.

    The bedroom pod splits 4x2 so we set up our bed in the 4 side with toilet and storage in the 2. It really is a lovely bright airy tent with lots of ventilation and usable space, so condensation wasn't a problem.

    lulworth cot bed instructions Lulworth cot bed instructions

    On the final morning, during the early hours the rain started and I don't think I have seen anything quite like it for many years. Unfortunately the side door which we had been using started to leak I had trapped the zip pulls , the worry was that once fastened correctly the water still came in through the zip, plus one of the seams at the rear of the tent started to leak, so we shall have to seal it next time out.

    Even in what was by now torrential rain we managed to drop the tent and actually pack it away mainly thanks to Kampa and the over-sized bag they supply with the Lulworth brilliant. Our tent was returned to Kampa for repairs which took two weeks three in total because it had to be dried out first at Kool Camping. Although we are new to modern camping we would definitely recommend the Lulworth its a fantastic tent and the icing on the top is that my wife thoroughly enjoyed the experience and looks forward as I do to our next camping adventure.

    This tent is excellent, used it for the first time last weekend, lots of room and love all the windows and the sun canopy is great.

    lulworth cot bed instructions Lulworth cot bed instructions

    Only problem we found was no eye holes in the footprint for pegging down first. Would recommend this tent to anyone. Taller people can get nearer the sides without stooping! Similarly the vertical front, and the front doorway is a good height. Bedrooms can be divided a four plus a two or kept as one large one. The sewn in groundsheet is a big plus. Porch A sizable porch with its own separate groundsheet. The canopy reaches all the way down to the ground at the sides with windows, so nice and light We fitted a camp kitchen, and a washing up stand in one half, with plenty of room to cook, still leaving the other half free.

    The bag is very generously sized, so no problems when packing away. Our other tents have a darker coloured roof over the bedroom area, which helps me sleep longer. I would recommend this tent and feel it is great value for money. Looked at quite a few tents before deciding to purchase this one, but so glad we did. It was large enough for 6 of us to sit comfortably and avoid the rain.

    That's about it so far, we have been out in it for 2 weekends and its survived heavy rain apart from us not closing the windows correctly 'Doh! We used it the first time last weekend. It is a good size and the internal strengthening bars are brill they make the tent really sturdy.

    They only problem was they have forgot to tape the bottom seam up from the ground sheet. But kampa were brill they have now got it to test they had it picked up the same day I rang. There was not much water coming through but needs sorting. Cant wait for the next camp in it in 2 week. I would tell anyone to buy it. If you have used this product please leave a review, or your comments for other visitors, many thanks! To leave a review you need to be logged in to the UKCampsite.

    Go to the Landmark home page and click on Gift shop located at the top of the home page in red. There are electric night storage heaters and an open fire.

    This inner tent has loads of storage, both in the interior pockets and also in the organiser built into the front. The front of the tent is protected by the large built-in sun canopy that you can shade under on those sunny days.

    For a stay in Amsterdam, choose an Airbnb property. Our furniture is surprisingly robust and we positively encourage families to stay. The overwhelming moment when I unpacked all the pieces… Finally, after a few takes, I finished the main section and started on the drawers.

    If not required, or in stormy conditions, it can simply be stowed away. The Lulworth has a stable type front door and two side doors, both with a built in fly screen and one has a canopy.

    To help keep your tent cool on hot days and provide a better view out, the Lulworth has two zip out widows, both of which also have built in fly screens. The Lulworth is available as a 4 berth and a 6 berth.



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