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The qucitatit-ns were ag follow8: William Ltvrrence, 'bus driver, was charged with drunkein. Sjeveial persona were charged with keeping dogs without lie nces. Hanseimvi, dealer, Ilirminghani, nus fined 30s 6d, for travelling on the e. On Wednesday evening an inquiry touching the death on Monday morning last of Elizabeth Lewis, aged nineteen, late a sl-rvui. Vaughan said deceased was a dairy maid.

She was healthy, but had been suffering from influenza, and complained to him on Thursday of being very weak. About 6 30 on Sunday evening deceased was taken her tea by a follow servant, who immediately rtturned saying she was on the fl jor of her room. He went up and found her unconsciou?. Ayhner Lewis was sent for, and arrived about eight o'clock. Witness also sent a messenger for A stomach pump, as he thought deceased had over-loaded her stomach by drinking two jugs of buttermilk.

Lwi" remained with deceased about five hours ar. Lewi s asked witness to seal ul t vq bottles which were found i:: De- ceased had fallen out of b? Aylmer Lewis said he had made a post mortem examination, and had come to the conclusion that deceased died fri m acute pnenmonia, following upon an attack of influenza, this being accelerated by hemorrhage to the brain, caused by falling out of bed.

There was no doubt that judging from the condition of the lungs, deceased thought she had recovered from the influenza and did not take proper precaution, and so contracted congestion of the jungt,The Coroner said when the case was reported to him be was told that deceased had died either from a fit or from taking poison, and under the circumstances he had no p'oil but to order an inquiry.

A verdict of "Death f;ou natural causes" was returnecl. Tnose of the Pentre Sunday Schools I met in the infant department of the Board Schools, about twelve or fifteen undergoing the ordea', and we believe that at Mynyddiosa Chapel about twen'y members of the school underwent the same ordeal. The questions were lair, and at.

Jones, ironmonger , and the I"t dub for Dominati'n was Wednesday iaa?. The voting papers, we understand, will he distribute on Saturday to-day , and collected on Wednesday next, and the result made known we expect about noon on Thursday.

The returning officer is Me R P. Rowlands had prepared a fir t-class supper, of which about 50 members and frimdj partuok. Aftr supper there was a sort "f c? It was siid j that throughout the session the meetings had been highly svxccs-ful, hail h.

All were in good heart, ar. The chair was takin hv Mr J. Jones, New-street, who was supported by 45 members besides some visitors and tiiemls.

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  • After full justice had been done to the good things provided, Mr Edward Edwards read the report, from which it the searon there had been 16 appeared that during the season there had been 10 ordinary meeting r. A hearty vote of thanks tJ the Secretary was passed unanimously on the motion of Mr Win. Artr that there was a general conversation in which Messrs W. Joned and others took part, together with one or two song- ty Mr J. Kindly mention was made of the late Mr Joseph Giitiit'is, a faithful and prominent member of the class for years past, also of the President, who was absent owing to the illness of a near relative, and of the Vice-President, who waa absent in constquenca of a long and severe illness.

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  • The brst spirit was maintained throughout, and a vote of thanks having beel: Parsonage, seconded by Mr 1. Jones, the proceedings closed with the singing of a hymn. The hymns were Weary of earth" and" When our heads are htlwed with woe. This and the morning anthem were much enjoyed by the deceased lady, she having heard fhem during her last visit to Piaspower.

    The hymn after the sermon was, My God, my Father while I stray. The music throughout was rendered in a most efficient manner by the well-trained choir. At the conclusion of tie service Beethoven's Funeral March was played. Chester, has been ap- pointed headmistress of the girls' department at the National School. Jones, John Harrop, William Ycnable?

    john lewis tara cot bed instructions John lewis tara cot bed instructions

    Votes Ilf thanks were passed to the chairman and the overseers for the past year. The meeting also thanked Mr Sturge for the faithful discharge of hia duties aa guardian, and desired his re-election.

    Idwal Roberts, Bfync c. Marj's Parish Church, Brymbo, at the special Lent services. On Monday afternoon a large assembly cf teachers, workers, and choristers was addressed hv the Very Rev. Dean Owen upon church work. I The Dean also preached in the evei. On Tuesday morning an address was given by the Dean, who, at 2 30 p. The service was well attended by tilt, female members of Brymbo. On Wednesday evening the servica was conducted in Welsh, when the Rev. Jones, rector of Menai Bridge, was the preacher.

    Mr Jones has by his occasional visits to the parish made himself a popular preacher in Brymbo. On Thursday, the Kev. Fletcher, vicar of Oswestry, addressed a I trze; gathering of communicant".

    Yesterday rnday , tiie Lord Bishop of St. Asaph consecrated the 8t Paul's churchyard, Broughton, and held a confirwa- tion service at St. About fifty members sat down to tea supplied by Mr Thomas Williams Lodge. A meetin of the members took place in the vestry, under the presidency of the Rev. Daniel Edwards then called upon the three oldest deacons of the chapel who had faithfully served the cause Mr W. About fifty persons sat down to a substantial tea, WIlIcn w.

    A meeting was afterwards presided over by Mr Edward Roberts, Bryncoch. The room was well filiall. Mr Roberts said the Liberal cause in this district had always been of a healthy and robust character, and had proved itself to be of the true ring on many occasions.

    He was informed their opponents had recently been busy throughout the whole constituency holding public meeting, and amongst the number Brymbo was included, and it appeared tlu meeting in this district was a very tame affair. If they were to guage their prospects by the success of this meeting, there would he absolute safety for Mr Morgan's seat, and the Conservative party would cort titily find themselves at a low ebb.

    Cheers At the mett-tig at Brymbo Sir Robeit Cunliffe spoke, and during hit, remarks no mention was made of Wales, a'though Sir Robert was always looked upon as a firm supporter of progress, liberty, and reform, but now he did not view matters in the same light. Sir Watkin did not dwell on matters appertaining to his own country. He did not support the Diseatab lishment of the Church in Wales, and for that reason he could not represent the views of this constituency.

    The follow- ing day the annual tea meeting was held, when there were present about persons, Mr Churton, Brynteg, supplying the bread. Charles was educated at Elleray Park, Wallasey between and , then at Rossall School until An earnest address, ietiv, red by Mr Joshua Ei-an-I of Hope, was re- ceived with deep attent on, and songs, readings, and rec.

    At the election which was looming in the immediate future they would, he expect d. Tilston said he was mt sanguine that the dissolution of Parliament would take place this year, but the results of the recent bye-elections showed that the feeling of the country was against the Government, and every day brought fresh testi- mony in the same direction. So far as he cou! At one of them they did not attempt to pass a resolution of confidence in the present Government, or in Sir Watkin, or appertaining loanv measureis, bat simply contented themselves with thanking Sir Watkin for coming there.

    At the las-t general election they had to go to Rhyl for a Welsh speaker, thus showing that they cannot have gained much of a hold on the Welshmen of the district for not one seemed willing to support their cause on the platform.

    This was a certain proof, in his opinion, that they could not get hold of the Waish speaking p -. At one of their meetings Mr But' er had referred to the leaflet entitled "A last word," which was issued at the general election.

    The authorship of this leaflet Mr Butler attributed to Mr O. He never even maw it either in manuscript or in print before the public saw it.

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    This had been stated over and over again, but it seemed such a precious morsel to the Tories that, as soon as convenient to them, it was hashed up and made to look as fresh as ever. This was not such conduct as they ought to expect as between one party and another, and well may respectable Con- servatives say, as they did in private conversation, "Stve us from such friends.

    As the writer of the Last word said sometime since in a handbill contradicting a similar statement to Mr Butler's: Notwithstanding this, the Tories combined with Mr Pamell, and unless they agreed with separa'ion, the alliance was a grossly immoral one.

    Of course it would he very easy to prove that there was no formal alliance between the paities, but nothing will convince the country that such an alliance did not viitually and effectively exist. Now the position w-is changed.

    Both he aoll would just as strongly object to s Deration now. Now that the demand of the Irish is one that is safe and expe iert. They would be prepared now to repeat all that I said in the Last word against separation, but for extending po: Now, how about the Tories These men whj, when all the world understood that separation was the demand of Ireland, were prepared to sell their country for Paity gain, now refuse to concede the moderate and constitutional de- mands of Ireland, and rather than listen to them in public itieetizi prefer to "hoot down innocent and harmless men.

    They know that their conduct will not btar the light of public discuss on, so they prohibit meetings, and disperse them at the joint of the lJa onet. They enforce the pay. Such conduct would have its own reward, and Mr Butter mn,t not imagine that the workingmen of East Denbighshire could be so easiiy induced to leave the path of justice to Ireland by the worn out fable, that Mr Morgan advocated a policy in which was in- consistent with what he now advocated, Applause.

    Mr Jonathan Williams, Gwalia Cottages, pioposed That this meetii-g offers to Mr Pamell and his c -Heagues its hearty congratulations on the issue of t e Special Commission, vindicating them, as it does, against the foul charges brought so uriEcmpulously and recklessly. This meeting deplores the great ex- pense ut: Havelock Williams ably seconded the reso- lution, which was canied unanimonsiy.

    Havelock Wiliiams st corded, and the resolution was ciir; ied iianimously. Jones Roberts proposed That in the opinion of this niettitig no settlement of the Tithe Question will be permanent or izatisfactory which does transfer the tithes from tiectariaii uses and apply them o national objtctp.

    Mr Hughes in proposing a vote of thanks to the chairmar, said they had met that evening at the it.



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