eloise cot bed instructions Eloise cot bed instructions
Would definitely stay here again and very soon we hope. Will certainly be staying in a Grove property again. The kid accessories are perfect.

Belinda, Email, NSW Australia son 2 years old "Hi Natalie, Just wanted to let you know how Olly is going, we've made great progress thanks to your simple yet effective strategies.

He now makes jokes about his bottle, pretending he wants one a two year old telling a joke, can you believe it! Olly's appetite for solid food is enorous as a result. What a beautiful thing to watch him enjoying his tucker!! Whether it's related or not his speech has also come along really well since giving up the bottles.

Sleeping is also finally getting results, with Olly now waking most mornings after 7. Natalie such simple strategies again gave us the confidence and support we needed to tackle our baby's sleep and eating patterns and as a result we have a better lifestyle and a happier baby.

You are our saviour and we continue to share our passion for what you do with whoever we know with little ones. It often took 2 hours of either one of us staying with him for this time.

Newborn only slept for 45 minutes at a time and was very unsettled. The information provided before, during and after the consultation was first class. We developed a much greater understanding of our children and the importance of routines. After the consultation we felt much more confident in dealing with our children at sleeptime. We felt as though we could establish better routines and had a plan to guide us. We are amazed at the result of the consultation. Elliot now goes to bed at Olivia now sleeps 1.

We could not be happier. The service was brilliant, and was exactly what we needed. You were accessible and your genuine interest in our results was wonderful. At first I was overwhelmed by all the information and it took quite a few weeks for myself and my husband to adjust to the new routine for Ella as Ella took this time to adjust also.

I was getting to a stage where I lost my self esteem about being a mum and there was no enjoyment about parenting. Our daughter Ella is now so much fun we enjoy her every minute of every day, I know when she is hungry and tired as I follow your sleep, feed and play routine as currently she is 5. My husband I would like to thank you so much for all your help and the great packages you have provided us.

Yours Sincerely Melanie, Pete and Ella. Unsettled during the day and I was using the "feeding to sleep" as a sleep association, which wasn't always working! I could see that we were slipping into bad habits which needed to be broken. Furthermore, I was lacking confidence in settling Olivia, understanding her cries and implementing the feed-play-sleep concept.

The consultation was excellent. Natalie made us feel at ease from the moment she entered the house. Babies don't come with a manual, however the "Sleeping Baby System" is as close to one as you will find! Definately worth the investment. At first I was a little nervous, however Olivia was very settled that night and had a great sleep so did mum. Over the following days, I gained the confidence to settle Olivia as did my husband using what we had learned from Natalie and the manual as a guide for 'what to do next'.

The results were immediate. Olivia had the best afternoon nap in weeks. That night I was more confident in placing her down to sleep and she and I had the longest sleep in weeks. As the days go by I am gaining more confidnece with settling and understanding her cries and we are enjoying the feed-play-sleep. Would go to bed around 7pm and wake an hour or so later and up for hours- would not resettle.

Had tried controlled crying, it didn't work and I hated it. The information provided was excellent. Very clear and understandable. Since the consult baby sleeps 2 hours morning. It has changed our lives completely. I am so much more relaxed and confident. Very thorough good information. Now I am very happy. He is sleeping for long stints at night- he'll never be as good a sleeper as my first baby but I am able to get hours straight and that seems to be plently.

Alot more confidence generally about being able to understand where my baby is at and follow through and he definately seems more settled. There was alot of information given and being sleep deprived it seemed like a lot to take in but the settling technique was straight forward. I was very impressed with Charli's response to Natalie's new bedtime routine.

I felt equipped and felt prepared for the nights ahead. As expected the first night was hard but every night aftr that it just got easier. It is simply a matter of rolling Charli over and leaving the room. It was explained to me that it would take 3 days and it changed after one night. Brooke, NSW, Australia, 15 months old She was bottle fed and would have up to a day, I would have to nurse her to sleep with the bottle, then she would wake twice a night for a bottle.

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I thought the information was all fastastic and very informative. After the consultation I felt satisfied and a sense of relief that finally Jordan will be sleeping and eating better. For the first time in 15 months our daughter is sleping through and eating better, so we feel fantastic and wish we would have done it sooner.

Thanks to Jane, David and Denise for the special Christmas treats, stunning tree and yummy biscuits! We hope to return for another visit.

The routine was easily manageable and I was able to alter our daily routine accordingly. Thank you Natalie not only for your service but your kindness and interest in each family is genuine.

He is a much happier baby. I was hoping for a miracle and thanks to Natalie we achieved one! We now have a routine and Alana is happier. Logically set out in documents and explained clearly. The analogies with adult experiences really put things into perspective.

I now have a baby that settles quite easily around the clock. The routine helps me in organising my busy life and I LOVE having my nights back to myself from 7 pm onwards.

I think Oscar is a happier baby now too! You are very knowledgeable, friendly, caring and I think your personality suits your profession. Thank you so much!! My husband and I used to dread Billies bedtimes, the screaming, the frustration and the stress of a child who refused to go to sleep.

My toddler is now so much happier, able to concentrate for longer periods and enjoy activities because he is well rested. I think the effectiveness and genious of the routine is the simplicity. Thank you so much! It provided myself and my partner much needed confidence and strategies to help settle our baby.

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  • The information provided far exceeded what I expected. I definitely felt more confident with settling our baby and picking up on baby cues. She is sleeping during the day and her night sleeps have increased in time. She also requires less settling time and is able to get herself to sleep. I am very grateful for your service.

    It was very professional and personal, you made me feel confident and comfortable.

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  • She was also not settling well for day sleeps. Elizabeth is sleeping well, particularly at night and settling well during the day too. We are much more confident parents now!! Thank you so much for your help. I particularly found the comprehensive material you left with us very helpful and I find myself referring to it frequently.

    I felt that the information was enough to get me and baby to a certain point, however the one on one consultation was invaluable. The best piece of advice I gained was the paragraph about the baby's cry being their argument that you the parent needed to win.

    I have always jumped to attention with baby's cry and it was great to look at his crying in this context as it took the emotion out of it and made me realise that he was not distressed.

    eloise cot bed instructions Eloise cot bed instructions

    At the time when you where here, I was very nervous but this did pass in the first three minutes as you were very calming. Adding to this, knowing that you are only a phone call away helped even though I tried not to call. Baby and the rest of the family are so much better since your visit. We are all getting sleep and Baby is happier then ever Not that I am wealthy, but I would have paid double for the service you provided and the results that we have had.

    It was surprising how quickly things went from awful to terrific. I did not know what routine was. I know I make a few small mistakes still when putting the plan into practice, ie: As first time parents we were getting a lot of mixed information.



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